networks… the theory that everything is related some way or another in the universe.

Not just through digital computer networks, but through communication. Not just human to human communication but environmental communication. The unspoken way in which we relate to different elements of the world. Cross species communication explores this theory well. Feeding a wild animal can gain it’s trust.. We can tell the animal we are trust worthy , but they won’t understand us. BUT they do understand the offering of food a physical network which entices the animal to trust you.

Personally, I theorise it as the way that I could probably successfully determine my six degrees form Kevin Bacon.

Yes, I don’t know Kevin Bacon and I will probably never will but I could probably determine that someone I have met, has met someone he has six times fold. Voila, in theory I have loosely networked with Kevin Bacon. We haven’t physically communicated and networked but the tie lines are established.

I’m going to say my first degree is Karl Stefanovic… maybe you can work out the rest..

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how could you….

House of Cards, how could you finish on a cliff hanger..

*shakes fist at the sky*

This is why I don’t get caught up in TV phenomenons like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones..

Because they take over your life, all you want is the new episode to be released.. your next hit.. until the season series ends and you have continual withdrawal for the next six months.

I also hate it when decent shows like continue to run due to success, even though their plot lines become so ridiculous that they don’t even make sense anymore… do I even need to mention the debacle that was LOST, do I?!?

Also, How I Met Your Mother…. Seriously Ted how much information do you need to share with your kids about ALL your ex-girlfriends before you tell them how you and your wife met…. only nine seasons worth.


American Television.. you frustrate me.


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neglectful of my blog I have been..

Yes, you read the heading right I am talking like Yoda.

Wiser I feel, as I have had an epiphany about this whole blogging fiasco.


It is indeed week 10 and I am still struggling to find motivation to contribute to my blog consistently.

I’m writing an entry now (well… duh) and also watching House of Cards.

Truthfully, I’d rather be giving 100% of my attention to the television right now.


Back to the point, my epiphany

I’ve spent the past two weeks working on every production channel 9 had to offer about football due to the AFL Grand final.

(and I don’t really feel compelled to tell the blogging world about it. ha.)

And you know what over these past two weeks… I’ve actually been living my life!

I wasn’t wasting my time worrying about what I should be reporting to my blog, how I should make my life seem exciting and try to impress people I don’t know and don’t care about.

This blog is immaterial, I now feel that blogging is about showing off… If I really wanted to show off i’d learn to juggle fire whilst riding a unicycle.

No one cares what I have to say because there is so much crap on the internet, that the crap I contribute goes unnoticed. And I’m content with that because I want to live in the real world and interact with real people, not ones who hide behind screens all day.

I just want to make it known.. (to no one) that I really don’t care what this network thinks about me because I don’t care about it…


now back to Kevin Spacey



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monet’s jardin

In it’s last week I finally got around to seeing the Monet art exhibition at the NGV.

Whilst dodging school children and snobby pensioners, It was amazing to see an impressionists exhibition.

I was astounded in the way he was able to paint: light, shadow and reflection. His use of dimension was only apparent from a distance. when your got up close to his works it was amazing to see his brushwork and how the definition of the painting could only really be perceived by the eye from a distance.

It was well worth lining up to get into an art gallery…. I can’t believe I actually waited in line to get into an ART GALLERY!

On another note, the whole time I had this quote from Clueless running through my head…


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let’s go bowling…

i don’t think, i’ll ever forgive the Coen Brother’s for killing off Steve Buscemi…


The Big Lebowski made me realise that in life it is necessary to have an outlet for when times get tough and frustrating.

For example: bowling.

My second life lesson from this film is that everything has to do with Vietnam or ‘nam’

I need to find my outlet…


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when life is like a movie…

So I know this is extremely material and there are more things in the world I should be worrying about.

But I have discovered polyvore, and I’m never going back

Polyvore is a social media fashion site where you can keep up to date with trends and follow fashionistas who have the same taste as you.

My favourite part about the site, is being able to create your own looks and plan your own outfits…

It reminds me of the movie Clueless, where Cher picks out an outfit with a computer program!



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