neglectful of my blog I have been..

Yes, you read the heading right I am talking like Yoda.

Wiser I feel, as I have had an epiphany about this whole blogging fiasco.


It is indeed week 10 and I am still struggling to find motivation to contribute to my blog consistently.

I’m writing an entry now (well… duh) and also watching House of Cards.

Truthfully, I’d rather be giving 100% of my attention to the television right now.


Back to the point, my epiphany

I’ve spent the past two weeks working on every production channel 9 had to offer about football due to the AFL Grand final.

(and I don’t really feel compelled to tell the blogging world about it. ha.)

And you know what over these past two weeks… I’ve actually been living my life!

I wasn’t wasting my time worrying about what I should be reporting to my blog, how I should make my life seem exciting and try to impress people I don’t know and don’t care about.

This blog is immaterial, I now feel that blogging is about showing off… If I really wanted to show off i’d learn to juggle fire whilst riding a unicycle.

No one cares what I have to say because there is so much crap on the internet, that the crap I contribute goes unnoticed. And I’m content with that because I want to live in the real world and interact with real people, not ones who hide behind screens all day.

I just want to make it known.. (to no one) that I really don’t care what this network thinks about me because I don’t care about it…


now back to Kevin Spacey



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forever a pessimist

Two weeks later and I’m still not won over..

I think the main thing I dislike about blogging, is having to think about something original to write about.

As an introverted person, sharing my personal thoughts on the internet isn’t my favourite thing to do.

This project extends far and beyond my comfort zone, and I am starting to feel like I am never going to be able to accept this into my daily routine.

I still have no drive to conceptualise a point and a purpose for this blog.

How exciting for my none existent audience, more of me being a negative nelly.



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Still Lost at Sea….

I’m still unsure how writing a blog is going to benefit my learning.

I guess it is a form of self publication and self expression. Maybe it will help me develop a direction in my flourishing media career.

BUT, I don’t see how posting a blog without any direction or context is helping with my professional development as a media maker. I feel the expansive nature of this subject is offering me no direction and I have no idea what topics I am meant to be “blogging” about. I feel that to publish a blog it should be started with a purpose, to engage an audience about a certain subject. To enlighten and maybe humour people with your ideas and opinions on this topic.

At this point, I have no direction, no purpose, and nothing to write about.

Maybe I need to be more confident with my self directed learning, but as an introverted person I am finding this task difficult.


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At the moment this blog feels like the abandoned cat that followed me home because I passed it in the street.

I resent it for the attention it requires. All it needs is some love and nurturing.

But I want nothing to do with it, I can’t find a piece of me that wants to commit to it.

This blog will hopefully document my journey in accepting this blog into my life.

I hope I can learn to accept it, so it can become an expressive representation of me…


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