networks… the theory that everything is related some way or another in the universe.

Not just through digital computer networks, but through communication. Not just human to human communication but environmental communication. The unspoken way in which we relate to different elements of the world. Cross species communication explores this theory well. Feeding a wild animal can gain it’s trust.. We can tell the animal we are trust worthy , but they won’t understand us. BUT they do understand the offering of food a physical network which entices the animal to trust you.

Personally, I theorise it as the way that I could probably successfully determine my six degrees form Kevin Bacon.

Yes, I don’t know Kevin Bacon and I will probably never will but I could probably determine that someone I have met, has met someone he has six times fold. Voila, in theory I have loosely networked with Kevin Bacon. We haven’t physically communicated and networked but the tie lines are established.

I’m going to say my first degree is Karl Stefanovic… maybe you can work out the rest..

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