Hello. Mr. Anderson.

I really enjoyed reading Anderson’s ‘The Long Tail Blog’

I think his passion for consumerism and trying to prove the fat cats wrong is inspiring. All power to him!

But. I think Anderson and his values can keep dreaming. It all sounds great and harmonious in theory. But corporations are not going to change, especially those affiliated with the entertainment industry. It would be fantastic if they were willing to move with the times and embrace the new means of online entertainment distribution. If they were to do this maybe they would also consider restructuring their pricing and taxes to entice customers because product distribution isn’t a physical service anymore. Entertainment products distributed online aren’t even physical anymore. All we are paying money for is coded 1’s and 0’s…


To think this is the future. Everything one day will be made out of binary code.

and this is the moment when you realise the matrix is real…

Not really. But it could happen.


Anderson is pining for this change to the entertainment industry which would make a level playing field for consumers and corporations. But I don’t think this will happen because when is life ever fair, especially for the average joe. For the next umpteenth years, all that will happen is corporations will continue to file ridiculous piracy lawsuits to try and make back the money that they claim is lost profit margins.

This vicious cycle has only just begun.


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