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Q. How do I write and post a blog entry from my phone?

A. It’s all in the app.

Presumably, seeing as you’re a media student and of a certain generation, you own a smart phone. If not, you’re screwed.

1. Download the ‘Wordpress’ app.

2. Once downloaded, open it, and sign in using your media factory username and password. It’ll ask you for your www.mediafactory.org.au/yourname URL too. This is a good sign:

3. You will now see a list of your most recent posts. Up the top where it says ‘Posts’, slide to the right to reveal a menu.

4. In this menu there is a drop pin next to the word ‘Posts’. Tap the ‘ + ’ here, and a new page will pop open that looks a lot like this:

5. Give your new post a title, separate tags with commas, and when you tap the ‘Categories’ box you can (click to) select from your current list of categories which one this post will fit under.

6. Type away in the big, white space. Click ‘Done’ when you’ve finished with text.


To publish:

Tap the ‘Publish’ button at the top far right.

To add a link:

Hold to select the word you’d like to hyperlink. Click the little ‘link’ button and a window will allow you to paste the URL of a website into the dialogue box. You can name it in the box below (the description people will see if they hover over the link on your blog).

To quote:

Highlight the text you’d like to quote and click the ‘quote’ button. You will see some weird code on either side of the person’s words, don’t touch it. Move on.

To add a photo:

Tap the picture of the ‘landscape’ at the bottom far right. Take a photo or chose from your phone library.

To preview:

Tap the picture of the ‘eye’ at the bottom left.

To alter publishing settings:

Tap the picture of ‘cog’ at the bottom left.

To resume writing: 

Tap the picture of the ‘pencil’ at the bottom far left.