Skin Deep

“Skin Deep”  is a short documentary which seeks to uncover the storytelling power that’s held by a person’s tattoos. Created by Eamon O’Callaghan, this film features interviews from three seperate people, each with a differing perspective and opinion on the significance of tattooing. With the interviews that I conducted, I’ve attempted to draw a contrast between these varied attitudes and represent the breadth of both meaning and meaninglessness that can be atributed to the craft, depending on who you ask. The process behind this film heavily revolved around preparing and carrying out the interviews with the people I spoke to. Having a chance to go and shoot on location, utilising the RMIT media equipment, provided a chance for me to learn and become more comfortable with the idea of filmmaking and the equipment itself, as well as allowing my film to be more technically produced than I have in the past, by producing work closer to industry standards.

rmitmediastudent • June 1, 2021

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