Yesterday’s News Tonight:  Crown Casino Fraud



Yesterday’s News Tonight:  Fraud-busting Crown Casino…. Again.


Should Crown Casino’s gambling licence be revoked?  That’s like asking whether ‘All I Want For Christmas For You’ is sung by James Packer’s ex-fiance…. Abso-bloody-loutely.   On tonight’s episode of Yesterday’s News Tonight, we delve into the controversies surrounding Crown Casino’s alleged money-laundering, problem gambling, secret deals and cheated state taxes.   We aim to satirise Crown’s vulnerability by poking fun at the casino-giant for making lame excuses when backed into a corner by the media and government officials.  Here,  we would like to expose how the franchise has repeatedly lured vulnerable addicts back into the casino and disobeying HR protocols.  Low blow, Mr Packer.

 Here at Yesterday’s News Tonight, we’ve made it our mission to expose the ridiculousness of Crown Casino’s fraudulence, and encourage our viewers to ‘read between the lines’ when it comes to trusting these money-hungry casino giants. With a balanced use of satire and informative dialogue, we also aim to expose the government’s lack of action towards ‘cracking down on Crown’s behaviour’, aaaaand provide some cheeky laughs .

With inspiration drawn from Jon Oliver’s behind-the-desk setting,  our news anchor (Angus) breaks down Crown’s controversial history with sharp one-liners, and then introduces the audience to our skits – ‘Shut Up and Keep Talking’ with former Crown employee (and Pieces), Lee Stamps; followed by our game-show feature ‘Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts’ with surprise guest, James Packer.

Like Jon Stewart, Angus’ ‘anchorman’ persona depicts his zero tolerance for bullsh*t in the media industry, thus painting him as a reliable, trustworthy and educative source.  He doesn’t deliberately belittle those who disbelieve the drama, but rather pokes fun at the Crown ‘villains’ to sway audiences to recognise their stupidity.  It is through this he characterises James Packer as an imbecile who continuously fails to control his finances, which further emphasises his guilt to audiences.  Additionally,  we use formal elements such as the info-graphics, compilations of news segments and a ‘live audience’ to further highlight the show’s authenticity and reliability.

Considering our group had never met in real life and production resources were scarce, we believe the creation of our segment was very smooth and swift!  Bearing in mind that all content was filmed on iPhone, we are very pleased with the final turnout, scripted content, and the video quality of the segment! Yesterday’s News Tonight was indubitably the product of productivity, teamwork and fun.


Produced & Written by Angus Kilgour, Layla Suto & Tom Kerr   

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