This is The Daily Dose and today’s segment is looking into the real disease that is taking over our nation. No, it’s not Covid-19, but much worse. It’s cis-het-white-man-o-phobia.

It’s about time cisgender, heterosexual, white men are cut some slack. They’ve been held accountable for too many things for to long. In this segment we’re taking the weight off the shoulders of men and giving them a voice for once.

In case you were unaware, this segment is drenched in sarcasm and “man hating slander!” With our world finally making more room at the table for women, queer people and underrepresented individuals, this segment aims to target the pushback we are seeing in our society for equality and diversification. We think it’s hilarious that some straight, white men have a problem with this movement, and we’re here to pick on them for it. Throughout history, people that weren’t straight, white or male have been marginalised and mistreated, and this segment aims to take back the power, scrunch it up into a little ball and throw it back in their face.

The inspiration for this piece came from an innocent scroll through Facebook where some comments were left from some High School Neanderthals detailing how we’ve become a “man hating nation” and how “feminism is just code for anti-man”. The sympathy they expected us to feel for them was not received, so instead we created a ten minute news segment remotely from the comfort of our own homes. This one’s for you guys, kisses xx


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