What are game machenics

This video introduces the application of game mechanics in actual games and the definition of various types. This video introduces a large number of game mechanics in just two minutes, and adds suggestions for the choice of game mechanics. At the same time, for those who have never been in contact with the game, this video can help them quickly understand the various rules in the game. Through the understanding of the definition, they can also have a preliminary understanding of the game’s mechanics and gameplay. Different from the content and gameplay of the game. In addition, viewers can also understand the relationship between game mechanics, gameplay and content, which also helps them better understand the differences in games and what they really care about. This video has greatly improved my divergent thinking, allowing me to think deeply through the appearance of “mechanism”, and explore the potential meaning of many appearances. And I realized the importance of narrative and structure in professional media production. I believe that through the improvement of this video, I will create better media works in the future.

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