Covid Struggle

A worried university student considers the effects of the COVID19 Vaccination and study.


When Carmen said ‘I hate school’ she had never imagined that 1 year later, she really got defer in her subject where she is not able to go to school as usual. After the outbreak of COVID-19 at early 2020, the whole world has undergone a hard time, as well as Carmen, who was forced to stop school for 1 year due to COVID-19. In order to continue her study, she would need to be vaccinated or otherwise she might need to defer 1 more year. But seeing the side effects that cause and the management of Hong kong government, Carmen has lost her confidence like many other people towards Vaccine. Whether to Vaccinate or not, a struggle of a student, what she fears, her struggle within COVID 19 is going to be presented in this documentary COVID struggle, a documentary that talks about the worries of a university student towards vaccines.

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