Fifi, Emman, Myles

Our film is a two-scene film, created by joining the two scripts of ‘Old Friends’ and ‘Loser pays’. Both of the scripts caught our attention for their dynamic movement. We decided to merge them into one script to allow the film to take a journey with the two friends and their relationship. 

‘Pals’ is an exploration of the ups and downs of friendship. Learning to confide in your friends, take advice, admit you’re wrong, and move on. The film prompts the audience to reflect on their friendship, the power of honesty, and the reminder to always find the smaller joys in life. 

In making these two versions of the same script, we explored how setting and shot construction plays into tone and expression. The films are quite different while remaining true to the same script, which can be chalked up to the different directors and actors in each.



Of my roles in the creation of these films, in the preproduction process, I constructed two sound “mood boards”: short audio clips that each presented a distinct location through specific sound effects. During the production process, I offered continuous feedback to my group members regarding the filming of our films, ultimately filling the role of editor in post-production.



For the preproduction process, we all created different version animatics of ‘Pals’ to experiment with what worked best before production began. During the production process, I decided to direct and film a version of ‘Pals’ being mainly shot with close-ups, whilst Fifi was directing another version which includes the use of a Two-Shot (two subjects in a shot). My role for the post-production process is a sound designer which involves syncing up the recorded wild lines, Foley, and music.  



I ended up taking a director role for one of the versions of ‘Pals’. I wanted to set it in the font yard, with the lush greenery and white picket fence. I also had a cafe down the road which the actors would end up on. These were both allowances which made the prospect of not being able to travel less worrying. During the production phase I used the script which we had done sound and shot mark ups for as a group. This made it feel much more like a collaborative effort despite not being able to be together. While I would generally be more comfortable editing than shooting, I found it very rewarding to be able to stretch my directorial wings.

Pals V1 dir. Fifi


Pals V2 dir. Emman

Paul Ritchard • October 13, 2021

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