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Supervising Producer   |   Paul RitchardAt the beginning of this semester, we initially had hope that we’d be able to film and complete this project in person. However, as the likeliness of that scenario dwindled, our group decided that the most effective way to go about remote filmmaking, was to work collaboratively in smaller groups whilst also creating our own individual adaptions of the scripts that explore different tones and genres. The purpose of this was to give ourselves as much room to experiment with and still maintain some control over the production design and camera work. Through the constraints we were placed under, our group worked efficiently, collectively and the results have been amazing. We are all very proud of the work and effort that has gone into producing these films, as well as the individual adaptions and group work we have created. Here are our 5 versions of Night Terrors and Fish Tank, two of which feature our casted actors.

~ Caitlin, Sid & Jennifer.

Version 1   |   Fish Tank: A Tragedy/Tragicomedy

This first version of the script is the funeral scene, where Bung is flushed down the toilet in an act of ceremony, by his adoring owners, Ash and Carey. I wanted to heighten the emotional aspects of this scene, that some might find ridiculous and theatrical despite it being a goldfish. It was fun to play with angles and shot types here, focusing mainly on varying points of view as well as tackling the challenge of making two remotely filmed locations appear to be the same setting.

Directed by: Caitlin Ramsay

Directors of Photography  |  Priyanka Karunanithi, Tamara Ruggiero, Caitlin Ramsay,

Starring  |   Priyanka Karunanithi as ‘Ash’, Tamara Ruggiero as ‘Carey’

Supervising Producer   |   Paul Ritchard

Written by   |   Eliza Butcher & Caitlin Ramsay

Version 2   |   Fish Tank: A Comedy

Taking the funeral scene again, I wanted to go with a comedic genre for the second version. I originally planned on filming this scene in a toilet as well but due to lights malfunctioning I had to think of a different location. It ultimately ended up enhancing the scene greatly and adding another layer to the story. The script here suggests the fish was apart of the family, and Bungs death will be greatly mourned. The ritual of burying animals would usually be reserved for dogs, cats rather than fish. This as well as its little coffin heightens the almost ridiculousness of the scenario, and also it’s hilarity. There is also a very surreal feel to the situation and that was fun to play and experiment with as well. 

Directed & Edited by   |   Caitlin Ramsay

Directors of Photography   |   Caitlin Ramsay

Supervising Producer   |   Paul Ritchard

Starring   |   Rosemary Ramsay as ‘Ash’, Scott Ramsay as ‘Carey’

Written by   |   Eliza Butcher & Caitlin Ramsay

Version 3   |   Night Terrors: A Comedy

Following a comedic adaption to the Night Terrors script, both Sidney & Jennifer worked alongside two actors that both heightened the comedy aspects of the script. We felt that opening the film with a montage sequence was an effective way to add in a sense of comedy to an otherwise neutral scene. Through the expressionism, awkwardness and humorous exaggerations, this adaption of the script is set apart from the others where the emphasis is placed on the humour.

Jennifer, Sidney, Priyanka and Tamara all collaborated remotely online from NSW and VIC to produce this film. The editing process involved Jennifer editing the shots and Sidney editing the overall soundscape for the film. We hope that this interpretation of Night Terrors will both entertain and illicit humour through the camerawork, performance and improvised script.


Directors of Photography  |  Jennifer Panopoulos, Sidney Scott, Priyanka Karunanithi & Tamara Ruggiero

Edited by   |   Jennifer Panopoulos & Sidney Scott

Starring  |   Priyanka Karunanithi as ‘Sonny’, Tamara Ruggiero as ‘Laura’

Supervising Producer   |   Paul Ritchard

Written by   |   Max Meaden

Version 4   |   Night Terrors: A Horror

This version of Night Terrors was inspired by the horror genre, featuring a series of visuals, sounds and facets of horror that will infuse a new tone and mood throughout the script. Taking inspiration from the original narrative, I decided to incorporate extra scenes that enabled me to experiment with more motivated camera movement and shot types to evoke feelings of suspense and thrill. With the use of tracking shots, dutch angles and experimental sound effects, the centrality to this adaption is to heighten the audiences anticipation and levels of unease.

Through the creation of this film, I have found myself making decisions more deliberately, such as the types of camera angles and movement I have incorporated. This project has significantly enhanced my collaboration, filmmaking and editing skills. Understanding the process of how to effectively edit, create and modify the sound and lighting in post-production, these aspects are of great importance to the horror genre. I hope this film is able to showcase the ways in which I have altered the script to explore a different style and tone.

Directed & Edited by   |   Jennifer Panopoulos

Starring  |  Stephen Panopoulos as ‘Sonny’, Jennifer Panopoulos as ‘Laura’

Supervising Producer   |   Paul Ritchard

Written by   |   Max Meaden

Version 5   |   Night Terrors: A Slasher

As a group, Caitlin, Jennifer, and I worked on two scripts: Fish Tank and Night Terrors. Night Terrors was my main undertaking, as I worked on a comedy version of the script using actors with Jennifer and a slasher version individually. There’s no slashing in the film I produced as I did not change the script; the short film serves as an intro scene to an imagined slasher film.

For the comedy version of the script, I directed the shoot with the actors with the assistance of Jennifer. Once we had the footage and sound clips from the actors, Jennifer did the video edit while I edited the sound for the short. It was an interesting process of shooting remotely with actors and required us to get creative with our explanations of what we wanted, but it was a valuable experience in learning teamwork and improvisation.

For the slasher version, I employed the help of my mum and brother to act in and help shoot the film. I wanted to shoot at least one film in person so that I could have more control over the shot making, setting, props, and camera operation. I wanted to get the hands on experience that I expected when I enrolled in the Deliberate Film course. It also allowed me to exercise and demonstrate the skills I have learnt throughout the course individually so I can see my progress on its own and start to develop my own style.

Directed & Edited by   |   Sidney Scott

Starring  |

Supervising Producer   |   Paul Ritchard

Written by   |   Max Meaden

Paul Ritchard • October 13, 2021

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