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Developing this film has been full of rewarding challenges. Firstly, how would we produce a film separately but together? Eventually the idea of creating the scene 3 times with different tones was formed. Our films were designed so they could exist on their own but also part of a larger narrative. With the studio’s focus being on the individual elements that make up a film; our group’s films is literally asking the audience to consider the different ways colour, sound, writing, shots and tone are individually used and the affect that it has on the scene.



Within my short film, ‘Lost in the Sauce’ my goal was to create a fun, entertaining piece that highlights the importance of deliberate shots and purposeful editing choices. The script portrayed an awkward and light-hearted nature that I aimed to capture in my final work. I trailed multiple camera angles and editing techniques in order to convey the story in a meaningful way. Although the work is not particularly profound or deep, there is pleasure taken in the simple and awkward nature of the film. Within the minute, the audience begins to understand and like the characters. The story captures you and makes you want to know more. The production of this short film has shown me that with the use of deliberate film-making decisions, we are able to create meaningful work that excites its viewers no matter the length nor the subject. 

Directed and Edited by Bec Madin, Max Meaden and Natalie Panoutsos

Written by Dillon Fernandez

Starring Ruby Walker and Eva Brightling



This version of Lost in the Sauce takes a darker approach to the story. From the very begining, with colder colours and a no nonsence soundtrack, it’s clear that the scene isn’t trying to create a comedic moments between friends… But a betrayal

While Caleb is out for a run, he is unexpectedly interupted by his friend Bailey. Remembering a promise he had made Bailey, he attempts to lie his way out of an awkward situation but instead ends up risking their entire friendship.

Due to restrictions, some sacfraices had to be made and we had to take on dual roles to some capacity. Though having me act and directing was not of initial design, the process forced me to be extremely organised with pre-production, shot lists, lighting, framing and eye lines in order to put that aside when ‘action’ was called and focus on acting.

Taking a darker approach was daunting initally, as the scene seemed so naturally comedic. However, after analysing the various parts that form the tone I had insight into how I could direct the story in a grimmer direction and now have a deeper knowledge that I can apply to future projects.

Directed and Edited by Max Meaden, Natalie Panoutsos and Rebecca Madin.

Written by Dillon Fernandez and Max Meaden

Starring Ben Smalley and Max Meaden



In this version of ‘Lost in the Sauce’, the storyline has more of a comedic aspect to it. This is highlighted through the awkwardness when the two characters first meet and the banter they exchange. I aimed to emphasise this through the melancholy music that plays when the character Emily is caught out in a lie as it creates an exaggerated effect on the scene.

I used a range of shots to construct the film to allow the audience to feel as though they were a third person in the scene watching the awkward encounter unfold. While I was both filming and editing, I continued to consider aspects that we have learnt throughout this semester to try and create the most engaging piece possible for audiences to watch.

Directed and Edited by: Natalie Panoutsos, Bec Madin and Max Meaden

Written By: Dillon Fernandez

Starring: Max Meaden and Natalie Panoutsos


Paul Ritchard • October 13, 2021

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