A journey of isolation and disconnection inside the mind.

For the last 18 Months, the world has been flipped completely on its head by an invisible enemy. For some, 2021 was seen as a golden opportunity for a fresh start, and to put the ‘Covid blues’  behind us; but with lockdowns still prevalent, it is clear this is starting to take its toll on our people.

With so much time for unconventional solitude, one’s mind can begin to wander.

A tightness in our chest, stiffness in our joints.

Our collection explores the less glamorous reality of having 250+ days in lockdown from the perspective of inside our own mind.  Our collection explores the journey of two friends in lockdown, through a combination of audio and visual pieces, aiming to ignite the 5 senses.

It is in these moments of silence and stillness where we crave the connection we’ve been so deeply longing for.






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