How to view the videos

The plan is for the completed Instagram videos to be published in February when the exhibition is opened. Links to that live material will be provided in early 2022. More on the studio and exhibition.


Students developed their social video content producing skills by making 15, 30 and 60-second videos for publication on Instagram. The learning focused on recording A-roll video interviews virtually (completely online), and editing 15-30 minutes of interview content down into a short narrative. Followed by editing B-roll visual overlay material supplied by the artists.

Five groups interviewed 10 artists, 2 artists each.

The students’ video edits are currently in draft form, with the plan to take them to lock off for publication post the studio finishing this semester. A part of that process is working with the artists and gallery on approval to go public.

We have been testing the works on an Instagram test account, but due to them being drafts they are not approved for public viewing yet.

Designing and producing Instagram video for art galleries.

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