Studio highlights

Following are some studio highlight comments from the students. The plan is for the completed Instagram videos to be published in February when the exhibition is opened. Links to that live material will be provided in early 2022. More on the studio and exhibition.


“What a great hands-on experience! Despite being totally isolated to the world, I felt so connected, it was as though we pushed COVID to the side. Learning virtual techniques in media is a very important component in our practice today.” – Zoe Anderton

“I feel very privileged to have collaborated with such fantastic artists, both for my own development as a media-maker, and for the unique opportunity it afforded me to appreciate their work on a deeper level.”Simon Dobson

“I was truly inspired when hearing about the influences that motivated each of the artists material and conceptual practice”.Tyla Lane

“The professional nature of this studio accelerated my developing media skills more than any other class as I strived to best represent the fascinating artists, the client, and my groupmates, resulting in an exciting, collaborative and lasting experience.” Alice Manderson

“Being able to work with a client in a professional fashion, despite the online restrictions faced, provided unique and exciting opportunity to develop my media practice. The connections made with the work, the clients and other professional participants were meaningful and gave the work a sense of purpose which I haven’t experienced in previous units.”Tessa Riseley

“I grew immensely as a media practitioner through this amazing opportunity to work closely with real-life clients in this studio. I am so grateful to have gained so many new skills that will be vital for the media industry when I graduate.”Olivia Pascuzzi

“It has been such a privilege to get such hands-on experience. Working with other artists is something I have never done until this studio, and I have learnt so much!”Anna Charquero

“I am lucky to be part of this studio, where I was able to meet and interview inspirational, talented artists. This is a real life, hand on experience which provide applicable skills for my future development as a media practitioner.” Vi Vo

“Hearing about the inspirations and stories behind what shaped the artist’s artwork was fascinating!”Betiel

“It was such a great opportunity to be able to work with real clients and gain an insight as to how the industry works. This studio honed my interview and communication skills which I will be able to apply to future media projects.”Alissandra Mariano

“I had such an amazing opportunity to learn and grow as a Media practitioner, whilst we are an online learning environment, I was able to push myself to the full potential. The studio gave me the privilege to work with industry professionals as well as artists and I would absolutely choose to have this experience again, given the chance.” Jade Tyler

“I was grateful that we were able to work with amazing real-life clients, an experience that taught me skills I maybe couldn’t have found in the classroom. Also, hearing the passion these artists had for their works inspired me to create the best work I could to honor their craft.” – Izak Volteas

“This studio has allowed me to elevate my skills as a media practitioner in a way I had never expected, the constant hands-on work and ability to take part in a real-life partnership is something I am truly thankful for as it has taken me one step closer to achieving my career goals”.Tarsila Assis

“This studio gave us a taste of working within the media industry and it was fantastic being able to work with real life artists”Sarah Menderson

“It was so interesting learning about each artist’s thought process, their intentions and the ideologies behind their impressive works and sculptures.”Daniel Marazita

I was very grateful for such an amazing, professional online opportunity that allowed me to connect with our client and some very talented artists, as well as facilitate my growth as a media maker and collaborator.”Amy Wooller

“It was so fulfilling being granted the opportunity to work with incredibly talented artists, and I’ve gained a memorable learning experience. The studio has pushed me to achieve beyond my limits and I’ve enjoyed collaborating and growing as a media practitioner together with my peers.” Nicole Ifurung

“I was excited and felt proud of myself when every time I was sharing the spirit and stories of the artists we met in this course.”Jinfeng Pan

“The ability to view and interact with artists and their work was really inspiring as media practitioners as this allowed us to not only listen to their stories and creation methods but also allowed us to create a new story from their art.”Andrew Hennessy

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