Sang Thu (Autumn Arrives) – By Naomi

Sang Thu is an animated short video that illustrates the first stanza of the poem with the same name by the poet Hữu Thỉnh. The video aims to deliver the beauty of the poem, which is derived from sensory-rich imagery and tender language. Images with sentimental values were also added to give the video a personal touch.

The process of creating the scenes is drawing in Procreate, organizing layers and creating video timelines in Photoshop, animating in After Effects, and putting the scenes with the audio tracks together in Premiere Pro. Through the making of Sang Thu, I developed new technical skills across multiple platforms and learned more about sound, images, and effects layering, as well as how to draw inspiration from various art forms. Being able to do animation, a medium that I was scared to approach, has given me new insights into my capabilities.


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