Home Not-So-Sweet Home

‘Home Not-So-Sweet Home’ is an experimental short film, conveying the narrative that a house—and just what goes on inside it—may not always be home.


My experimental short film mostly utilizes found footage from Pexels, Videvo and Pixabay, as well as sound effects and background music from freesound. I colour graded the footage to have a cool blue tone and mixed the audio to create a sound design, both with the sole purpose of creating a “horror” aesthetic. The addition of poems/quotes help to contextualize the visuals on-screen.

From this, I was able to learn and apply a more advanced process of colour grading, as well as create a “dreamy blurry” look by playing around with the ‘luma key’ and ‘gaussian blur’ tools. I also learned how to manually mask out shapes and played around with the overlapping of clips by changing their opacity levels.



  • Pexels
  • Videvo
  • Pixabay


  • freesound

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