Hidden Meanings

Hidden Meanings is a short film that expresses the raw nature of emotion and the human psyche.

This semester I had the pleasure of working in a small production group with Ella Williams and Ned Johnstone.

The story is focused around a book that the main character is reading, but he gets so transfixed and drawn in from the words on the paper that he becomes almost overwhelmed with emotions. This then leads to a separate telephone conversation between the main character and the writer of the book. What transpires is a very short conversation between these two characters, as the main character has so much raw emotion that he cannot find the words to speak on the phone.

I hope that my practical work engages the audience by effectively utilising all the cinematic techniques in this piece. I believe that I can take the information that I have learnt in this studio, such as camera coverage, lighting, screen direction, performance and cinematography, and then include it in my work. As I progressed through the studio I noted the emphasis put on editing and putting together a solid cut, so I would want to effectively utilise this in any piece I create in the future. 


– Ben Ronec


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