Not My Steve!


Not My Steve!’ is a short film created alongside Bronte Hall, Charlotte Sinnamon and Yaw, who I was incredibly lucky to work with as a part of a production group this semester.

Esme comes home to find her housemate, Irma getting ready for what looks like, a date. She is shocked to discover that the person Irma is expecting over is Steve, an ex-boyfriend of hers. This proves to create a rather awkward confrontation between the two housemates. This scene was written by Robin Plunkett as a part of his ‘Esme and Friends’ series.

This scene reflects and captures many of the core concepts that I have learnt by undertaking Designing Drama this semester. Focusing primarily on thorough camera coverage, sound, lighting, performance, directing and editing I intended to express a sense of continuity and cohesion throughout this piece. In order to achieve this, I utilised my knowledge gained this semester about these elements of film craft and tried my very best to implement them within the scene. Working collaboratively within the constraints of lockdown, meant that thorough planning and clear communication between our production group was vital. I specifically experimented with different shots and angles, the idea of non-verbal performance and the reaction shot, as well as recording my own atmos and colour grading in post-production.

My passion and appreciation for film craft has only grown through undertaking this class and I am extremely grateful to have been surrounded by such talented and inspired individuals for this semester.

-Irene Rizopoulos

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