Wilma’s Letter – Charlotte Sinnamon

Wilma’s Letter
Webpage Contribution by, Charlotte Sinnamon

On the page, ‘Wilma’s Letter’ read as a nondescript piece of text, leaving room for interpretation over both technical issues such as choosing the most effective camera coverage, and creative choices such as character development. My realisation of ‘Wilma’s Letter’ was subjectively the most emotive and melancholic of the completed pieces. I feel my choices regarding the on-screen performance, use of both diegetic and non-diegetic sound, the up close and personal camera placement, and the overall pace of my edit effectively heightened the drama and tension within the scene. These elements perhaps raise the viewers sense of anxiety, allowing the audience to experience the emotion with Wilma, rather than observing the emotion through her.
Completing this piece in the first week of the semester proved just how much is still possible while navigating the challenges of COVID-19 restrictions. Working on ‘Wilma’s Letter’, taught me to think creatively when faced with an issue such as being both my own performer and camera operator simultaneously.

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