Steve & Irma

Steve & Irma‘ is a short film by John Boavida, based on a script written by Robin Plunkett for the studio Designing Drama.

The film is a part of a series of exercises we completed throughout the semester surrounding the central protagonist Esme and her relationships with Irma, her housemate; Steve, her ex-boyfriend; and Eduardo, her current love interest.
This scene is the aftermath of a night Irma and Steve spent together, where they are conflicted with mixed emotions whilst reaping the repercussions of their actions. As this is a non-dialogue scene, it was essential to ensure the shots were long enough to communicate the emotions felt by each character.
We took on different roles in filming production throughout the semester, both in front and behind the camera. I learned a lot about performance, camera coverage, lighting, mise en scene and editing through these weekly exercises.

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