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DELIBERATE FILM – Note: There are 3 pages to this site

This studio was entirely online. The first 8 weeks were a series of exercises, sometimes two a week that explored most aspects of learning about filmmaking. Following that: Each student wrote and submitted a script but there was a constraint that they couldn’t direct their own script. These films were shot with a crew of…

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The Box – Shiyang (Jack) Wang

‘The Box’, originally called ‘Lenny Injured’, is adapted and developed from the script written by Chloe He Jiaxin. The film subscribe the genre of Thriller, Mystery, and a little bit of Crime. Both Vincent Zhou Chuxiong and Joyce Wong contributed wonderful performance for this piece. The film features the male protagonist Lenny (starred Vincent Zhou…

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Kitchen Play (Sandra)

Written by Marizelle Steyn and directed by Xinyu Zhang. The content of this film is roughly an interesting conversation between two people in the kitchen about coffee. When I saw the script, I decided to design the whole movie in a humorous and relaxed style. I decided to let my sister play the role of…

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Failed Mission (Joyce)

Two best friends go on a hike but it gets dark really quick. What will they do? Directed by Joyce Wong Script by Saud Hayat   My final film comprises of techniques that I have learnt throughout the whole semester. Ranging from composing meaningful framed shots, matching eyelines, to giving a specific feel through cutting…

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Who Are You (Theo)

A Summary: ‘WHO ARE YOU’ is a short horror film based on an original script written by Joyce Wong. Directed and edited by Theodore Tan, the film follows a man as he ventures into a forest in search of peace. The Process: The film was produced in Singapore under numerous constraints, from tightened COVID-19 restrictions…

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The Call (Kay)

‘The Call’ is a horrific and humorous short story about a man who receives strange phone calls when he arrives home, including a gift that comes out from nowhere. The video shows the character’s story mainly from a third-person perspective, or perhaps in a voyeuristic way. In addition, some scenes switch to an intuitive position…

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Failed Mission (Jonathan)

Failed Mission – Directed by Jonathan Christian, Originally written by Saud Hayat John and his friend are separated during a trip in a park. Lost and alone, John encounters something in the dark. I chose this, and did this script because I like how simple it is, but also to take the chance to film…

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My Yogurt (Connor)

  My Yogurt, A film by Connor Mulvaney Written by Jonathon Christian. An argument breaks out between two roommates over missing yogurt. But is that really all they are fighting about? Connor My Yogurt VIMEO from Media Factory on Vimeo. This was filmed very simply with a lot of restraints. It consisted of me filming…

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The Call (Madeleine Cheale)

The Call – Written by Andrew Atkins Adapted and Directed by Madeleine Cheale Assistant Directed by Beth McInerney Synopsis – After coming home from work on a dark and stormy night, a young woman receives a frightening phone call concerning a pizza that she didn’t order. Work Summary – This ‘Cheesy’ comedy/horror was created through…

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Those Men (Frank)

“Those men” Directed by Dingyu Feng (Frank) This script is written by Ziyi Ning. “Those men” talks about the deadpan humour conversation between two men beside the basketball court. I use the second level to show the perspective of two characters. When I went to this court to shoot the animatics as the first time,…

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