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Soulmates aim to better help people connect together. Our mission is
to provide the safest and easiest experience when it comes to building relationships and
meeting in person with others! In an increasingly digitised world we believe harvesting a
platform that promotes physical connection is needed. So, if this sounds something you’d be interested in, come along, and we will show you the magic of building lasting, meaningful relationships.

The process of designing an app was new for all of us, and I believe it took us out of our comfort zone. We used an app designing software called ‘Figma’, which allowed for a stress free experience. Teamwork was divided among the three of us which enabled us to maximise efficiency. This experience was extremely rewarding as we can now look back on our work with pride. App design could be a skill we need in the future; therefore, we are thankful for the skills and techniques we’ve learnt over this task.

Created By Joel, Yun and Ned.

rmitmediastudent • October 15, 2021

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