Transforming Cinema

A film made by the Ms – Mina Wakefield and Marizelle Steyn

Transforming Cinema is a documentary highlighting the impact that the COVID-19 Pandemic and the changes to technology has had on the Cinema and Film Festival Experience. It includes honest and personal experiences from various people ranging from the average cinema lover to a Film maker and Film Critic, and their insight into the way their cinema going experience has changed over the years, especially with COVID-19. The process of creating this Documentary was very rewarding, as we were able to listen to peoples stories and the way they connect to Cinema and the Film Festival experience. We then connected the interviews with these individuals to artistic visuals that represented the content in the audio, to create an emotional, almost melancholy representation of people’s connection to Cinema and the bitter-sweet impact of the Pandemic. Delving into the personal experiences of various people allowed us to better understand Film culture as a whole, and the way that people connect deeply to cinema, how they form memories and also their hopes for the future.

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