A series of 5 short interviews with MIFF Volunteers.

Directed by Jessica Yates and Stefanie Fairlie.

Volunteer Interviewees: Nikki Richardson, Jack McCulloch, Edith Goldstein, Jack Russo, Mia Falstein-Rush

Inspired by a minimalistic aesthetic and enhanced with old junk footage, MEET MIFF is a remote work comprising of five separate interviews, edited in portrait orientation and designed for smart phone usage.  Zoom held interviews featuring Melbourne International Film Festival Volunteer alumni.  The team developed a set of questions designed to spark interesting conversation and unique anecdotes.   In order to source prospective interviewees and schedule suitable dates, the team shared research and administrative roles.  B Roll footage of specific Melbourne cinephile locations such as The Capitol, ACMI and The Forum Theatre was luckily captured, due to the expansion of the lockdown radius.  Editing was a shared experience, with one half of the team creating the initial cuts, whilst the other finalised interviews with B Roll and aesthetic enhancements.

Creating this work allowed us to challenge and expand ourselves as media practitioners.  Our skills in editing, interview techniques and professional communication were further developed through this project.  This project provided us the chance to explore creating multiple works for social media usage.  It pushed us to work within a new smaller, smartphone framework, with lateral consideration needed in order to effectively utilise the portrait orientation.

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