Meet Me at MIFF XR

Meet Me at MIFF XR

A film by Cherry Lin and Chau Vu

“After being in lockdown during this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival, two media students decide to explore the MIFF XR program. As they navigate their way around the space, they ran into Mia Falstein-Rush the XR programmer.”

The development of the story and final product was a rewarding experience. We had the pleasure to interview Mia Falestein-Rush, one of the MIFF programmers who was involved in the making of the extended reality MIFF XR. Having a chance to interview her has given us the opportunity to network but gain insight into Melbourne International Film Festival and how The Capitol Theater provides a space for the film community, specifically the Film Festival itself. During the making of this short film, we were able to collaborate remotely and give each other feedback where we learned how to critique our work. We thought we wanted to portray MIFF XR this way, as we wanted to enhance the engagement of MIFF XR from the eyes of media students.

Through the experience of producing this film, we developed a better understanding of film festival culture at MIFF. The interaction we had with some of the MIFF organizers improved and professionalized our communications skills, preparing us for the future as media practitioners. Although MIFF XR was created in response to COVID-safe practice, the potential for the program is unlimited, we are excited to see its development during MIFF’s 70th birthday.

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