Tarot- Tessa Remsu


Tarot from Media Factory on Vimeo.

‘Tarot’ is a film which was initially inspired by an online advertisement for a professional tarot card reading. The allure of being able to know your future, for better or worse, was a fascinating subject which presented itself even through a laptop screen. This film explores the tension between the curiosity and scepticism which arises when faced with the possibility to foresee our future.

The process of creating the film was difficult within the limitations in equipment and my own personal abilities. For example, to create the high angle shot I had to be inventive and use an indoor laundry rack as my tripod, as my usual tripod was getting in the way of the shot. However, this being one of my first creative pieces, I feel as though it introduced me to the different aspects of the film making practice which must be carefully considered to achieve a desired effect. In ‘Tarot’, it was essential for me to consider the lighting, music, and voice over in order to create a particular shift in mood.

As my final piece for Translating Observation, I’m fairly pleased with the outcome. I think the aspect which I am most satisfied with, is the extent to which my original written observation has been transformed. One of my main struggles throughout the semester has been finding a balance between inspiration, and direct recreation. I believe in this final piece I have successfully used the written component as a starting point, and through feedback and the creative process, created and unfamiliar final product.

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