‘A Human in a Hamster Wheel’ is inspired by observations in isolation of how people within my family have navigated my space during this time. Three key observations which intertwined in my creation of this piece was the sheer mess that had become of my own space, my Mum’s lack of care for the appearance of my room (which is something incredibly out of character for her) and my Dad entering my room only to throw the freshly washed laundry at me, adding another layer of imperfection to my already disfigured space.

Within the process of creating ‘A Human in a Hamster Wheel’ I attempted multiple different approaches to the subject matter of my writing, however, I eventually found that staying true to the original observations allowed me greater creative and narrative control of my film and also allowed me to maintain its humorous tone. Sound is something which I find incredibly challenging to master and although I don’t think it was perfected within my piece, making this film did make me consider the use of sound more than I have previously where I often regarded it as something which was too complex for me to approach myself.

Overall, making this film encouraged me to branch out from what interests me about film, visual elements and composition, and enticed me to explore new areas of filmmaking that I often feel I don’t have enough knowledge on to explore.

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