2 Years Ago Today – Mia Troy

2 Years Ago Today is a short film reflecting on growing up and growing apart in the midst of extraordinary circumstances. Depicting a train commute in an empty city as the background for vibrant nostalgic memories spat out by an algorithim,¬†2 Years Ago Today¬†emulates the experience of being inattentive to one’s surroundings and overly focused on the past as a form of escapism.

Despite the limitations of equipment and lack of freedom to travel, I found the experience of creating this short film very self-reflective and enlightening. The mundanity of my bleak commute to work as a 20 year old juxtaposed with short clips from 2 or 3 years ago of my high school friends is something I often like to escape from with thinking about the past, which I feel I have represented in this film.


3 thoughts on “2 Years Ago Today – Mia Troy

  1. Mia, so glad I watched this for my assignment 5 reflection. Such an interesting idea with the juxtapositions and it turned out so well!

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