A short story of film, video and digital formats


The moving image has evolved in formats from films, videos and digital formats. Films can be more organic whereas others such as video could be more practical. Technology plays a key role in the development of new formats, this micro-video essay travels back in time to explore the evolution.


The film is a combination of interviews, historical footage, informative narration and graphics.  For such a broad topic and by starting with a lot of research, the postproduction phase was key to summarise the different formats of film, video and digital formats

The project did give me a great opportunity to collaborate with external stakeholders.  Working with a cast and a narrator, I had to be prepared with scripts and questions and plan filming sessions and rely on their recording skills and technology.  Collaborating with ACMI provided me the experience of working with a real client, therefore I had to develop a project following their requirements and brand guidelines.




Created by Luis Barra

Narrated by Rhys Duggan


MUSIC (royalty free):

Casino Jazz Film Noir by AllenGrey

Digital life by LoopsLab

Retro Upbeat 60’s Pop Funk by MusicDog

Film Projector by WistanSound



‘Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory in Lyon’ distributed by Lumière

‘Firelight’ distributed by Phoenix cinema

‘M*A*S*H’  – distributed by 20th-Century Fox

‘Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones’ distributed by 20th Century Fox



Envato elements




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