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A Taste of the West

Showcasing the triumphs of migrants in Melbourne’s West, Taste of the West explores the stories of three distinct migrant groups through their shared experiences with the food and restaurant business. Through the website, visitors are able to listen, view and… Continue Reading →

Emerging Communities

The Walker Close Community Centre has been providing the Western region with an incredible amount of support without any recognition.  Join us, as we shed light on the stories of people who found their community within the Walker Close Community… Continue Reading →

Behind The Curtain

  ‘Behind The Curtain: The Woman’s Circus’ explores the world of the Women’s Circus in Footscray. The piece focuses on where and why the circus began, what it has grown into today and why it is such a fundamental organisation… Continue Reading →

Peoples Map

The People’s Map is an interactive website that showcases the character of each of the suburbs that make up the West, and the people and their contributions that define the Western suburbs as a community. We want to give people… Continue Reading →


  Westgate is a video and audio collection which chronicles the history of the Westgate bridge. From before its creation to what it is today and how it has shaped Melbourne and affected the construction industry through personal accounts.  … Continue Reading →

Come To Our Exhibition!!!

Join us at the exhibition to learn more about the West, participate in a treasure hunt, win at trivia and just have fun! Everyone is welcome!   When? 12 October from 5pm to 8pm   Where? Melbourne’s Living Museum of the… Continue Reading →

Welcome To The Exhibition!

A little bit about us This exhibition is a final product of a collaboration between the students of RMIT University and Melbourne’s Living Museum of the West. After having worked closely together for 12 weeks, we are proud to present… Continue Reading →

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