Meerkat – video tweets

a recent video service that works with tweeting

the rules

from the article: ‘Eight ways brands can add Meerkat into their marketing mix’, march 24, 2015

The idea behind the Meerkat app is simple; it lets users stream live video from a mobile device directly to Twitter, allowing other users to subscribe to and attend the live streams. It doesn’t just broadcast video content though, it also lets you have real time interaction with other users watching the stream.

There are four psychological reasons that we as humans tend to be drawn to video:

There is a brain function that hard-wires us into using faces as the focal point for gathering information.
The human voice can help our brains convert straightforward information into more meaningful content.
Emotions shown through body language are appealing and can be contagious.
Body movements can grab attention and keep viewers focussed.

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