Now focusing on films that specifically feature original concepts as well as modes of telling these stories, it becomes quite murky in measuring their success rates within an American audience due to issues we have previously discussed, with the most notable being the highly subjective nature of classifying original film. Spotting an original film is obviously not as distinguishable as opposed to an adaption as films may market themselves as original yet they may still exhibit tropes and conventions which heavily recur within genres. For example plotlines in romantic comedies and action films are constantly recycled. The criteria we will use to help distinguish innovative storytelling (besides the obvious of whether it is based on previous work) is by looking at how films work within conventions of genre and if they rebel against or push the boundaries of what is expected of them. With the remainder of our report we endeavour to use films that we deem to be truly original as examples in order to explore the success and reception of original films in order to deduce the vitality of true creativity within this business. Furthermore this brings us to discover how other low budget films have attempted to attract a fanbase towards their projects. Ultimately this next section of the report will look to compare and contrast original films in the same light as we did with adaptations, in order to assess its function in the cinematic climate.

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