Sharing Economy – Next Big Thing.

I am a huge fan of this phenomenon that crept up in recent years. This is next level recycling. People nowadays not only feel good about the act of recycling but are also benefiting real money from it.

A closed Facebook group PPENNYLANE SELLING with 3000+ members is making girls happy all across Australia. Members post fashion items/furniture/beauty items (even life scale Ryan Gossling cardboard cut-outs) that they no longer need and offer to it’s next potential owner. The concept is so brilliantly simple and addictive on so many levels. Poor uni students like myself no longer have to pay ridiculous money for that pair of Alexander Wang boots on the wish list. With a quick ‘SEEKING’ post chances are some rich gal from Toorak is willing to part ways with whatever (designer or not) you’re on the hunt for. Less money goes out and some money comes back for something thats no longer used. Everyone wins!

Shamelessly, i am guilty of compulsive hoarding (and impulse buying but let’s not even go there). I categorise my wardrobe with the good ol’ ‘maybe i’ll wear that again one day’ excuse, ultimate girl problem. This is when clutter starts to build and i am left with a bunch of clothes that gets absolutely zero attention. This might just explain why girls are always complaining about not having anything to wear when they have a fully stocked closet. But we all have that mutual understanding.

Yesterday i strapped on that bum bag at the Camberwell Sunday markets and found new homes for all my pre-loved goods. It really proved that one’s trash is another’s treasure. I mean if you really want to pay me $5 for that tacky Cotton On top with ‘PINK’ on it …by all means.

It was very liberating. But not as liberating as paying off that fat credit card debt with money you didn’t even know you had.

Get recycling!!!

cash munee

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