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My engagement throughout the course came mostly from independent learning. Although I did not write any blog posts about any of the readings, I still read them. The readings were very broad and sometimes I found it hard to connect the meaning of them with media, but I found it very helpful when the readings were then discussed in the next tutorial or lectorial, such as the activity we did based on ‘relations between parts’ which related to Scott McCloud’s Blood in the Gutter, which I then was able to reflect on as I understood the concept from a theoretical and practical perspective. This same theory-to-practice type of learning came from the ‘noticing things’ activity which I enjoyed, and also became aware of and remembered from that day on. Although we students enjoy complaining about reflecting on our works, and I am among them, I still think it helps me to realise (however subconsciously) what I like about my work, what I dislike and if/how I think I could change it in the future. The lesson on conscious listening I felt was one that I really engaged in and really learnt from, and it’s an idea I really enjoy; considering what we tune into, what we tune out. I really liked this lesson and enjoyed writing about it afterwards. Lastly, I’m going to admit to liking the blog post idea. I’m a lazy person so did not keep up with it as much as I should have, but I do enjoy looking back at it now and seeing what i deemed worthy to make it onto my blog, the random posts about things bugging me and the photos I threw in to fill up space.

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