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In an attempt to increase the amount of blog posts on my very empty looking blog I’m going to be posting a lot of upcoming posts that, upon first sight, seem quite unrelated to media. But look a little deeper and I’m sure you’ll be able to find some morsel of media in anything.

As the time nearing semester break comes I find myself doing some serious laziness preparation: Netflix. But every time I settle down to watch a movie or discover another unneeded TV show to binge on, I find myself spending 20+ minutes just browsing the categories and looking up titles on IMDB. I don’t have any kind of statement to make about this, I just want it to be said, something has to be done. 

I’ve wasted too much precious time staring at the screen browsing when I could have been staring at the screen soaking up some serious culture via media (whoop- there it is). Someone should fix this with some media related magic, the strange sub-categories just really aren’t doing it for me anymore.

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