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Hey Munday.

It’s 2014. I would like to think of my life right now as a fresh book that’s waiting to be filled. My mind constantly reminds me that it needs some justification, my heart needs to unhinged itself, to not fall back to where it was before. I write to release the inhibitions, I write to remember, I write hoping someday people will see this, I write when I’m feeling insecure, I write to organize and transcend my emotions and perceptions of the world, I write because each piece is like an art piece. I crave for wanderlust all the time, it’s what gets me going, keeps my thoughts running, keeps information and helps me to make sense of the ever changing world. It’s true personal experiences, creativity, the liberation to make believe and imagine that keeps me alive.

My mind works like a swinging pendulum. Honestly, i’m not fond of taking sides, but as information swings from left to right, I’d like to hear two sides to everything before the pendulum comes to a stop and evaluate the situation, and make a stand on my own. (In this case, with the help of wiki, research, magazines, books, peers ++) As we pave cross the mass network environments of the 21st century, I’m not ashamed to say that i’ve succumbed to the slavery of network media. With so many apps, social media platforms and the internet, I feel like a master of my own, there’s just too many things to do!