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A love letter to Spotify.

You are out of your own element. Ever since you came into my life, you lifted my heart when the rest of me was down. You provide me happiness, romance, empathy in the palm of your hands. Rain or shine, you have no qualms on pacifying me with different tunes to suit my emotional needs. Whether is it on the way to school, out to get my coffee fix, or just wrapped up in bed staring into space contemplating on what I should do next. You know all the melodies of the musicians that I play almost everyday- Girls by The 1975 that wakes me up every morning, Benjamin Francis Lewich’s playlist that lulls me back to sleep. For me, each of these interests is like a well-worn blanket, warm and inviting no matter how times I immerse myself into it. And you have mastered draping it over yourself so we can cacoon together in good times and bad. You are my musical soul mate. You’ve also taught me how to appreciate other genres in music and discover new ones as well and I’ve never stop listening since. The only thing standing between us is not having internet connection and a six month free trial. I don’t know what I’ll do after the 6 months trial is over, and the fact that there’s no wifi in my room right now. (Just got a new apartment :/) Sigh, but! Heads up, there’s this tune that I found in you that makes me think of you somehow and I want to thank you for it. It’s on repeat and nicely set under a playlist called “Just cry, sad songs”

Thank you Spotify. (Even though I’m sharing you with 13415814384927 million users in the world) I hope I can afford you and pay for monthly subscription one day. Till then, I love you!!!