3 Easy Steps to Embed Videos

Not new to blogging, but I thought today’s Network Media class was a refreshment of how to get my blog rolling again. This time with the help of widgets, blogrolls and cloud tags and not to forget, how to link my friends up.

Anyway, here’s 3 easy steps to embed Youtube videos into your blog posts.

1. Select your video, click onto the Share tab, underneath you will find a tab that says Embed. Click on to that as well. 2. Copy and paste the html code into the html tab you see on the right side of your blog post.

3. Paste the code into wherever you want the video to appear, make sure that the code is not broken. If not, your video would not work.

4. Save, and Publish your post, and wala! Your video has been uploaded. (In case you’re wondering about the song – It’s Featherstone by The Paper Kites)

Check out Bryan’s Blog on how to add links to your blog!

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