Today marks the first day of Summer classes (boo!) and Network Media.

I think this first post is going to be redundant. I find it rather interesting that we’re using blogs as our main medium to showcase our works especially in Network Media. Still trying to soak up all that information disseminated today, even though the class was pretty dry. Been itching to blog for awhile now, but my wifi at home persists me. Anyhow, I’ll be using this space to discuss about the course readings, my thought process and communication theories that can benefit in my learning throughout the course.  So blogging isn’t relatively new to me, gone were the days where blogging was just soley based on journalism. It has become a space for marketing, advertising of clothes, fashion photography, a display of portfolio ++ etc, basically anything. Check out The Sartorialist, Colour Me Katie! Love them. 

So there’s that, I can’t wait to update this space. Till then, xx. 

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