Xiaochen’s cover letter

Dear Manager:


As a final year media student in RMIT, I’m very interested in making various media products on multiple media platforms. As a student will graduate in November this year, I’m glad to introduce myself to you and a detailed resume and show reel link are also provided with this letter.


I am currently studying bachelor of communication (media) degree in RMIT and will graduate in this year. Before that I was studying in Australian National University as arts student until transferred in 2013, in order to focus on my favorite media studies. I have strong interest on multiple media platforms like TV, films, and online video. It is always my goal to work in media industry as a media worker after graduation.


I have recent experience of working with my teammates to successfully broadcast the first RMIT live show ‘Rock Bottom’ on the Livestream. In that show, I worked as both camera operator and graphics. Besides, I also have post-production skills of using Adobe series (PR, AE) to create motion and still graphics, animations and do post-production works like editing and special effects for films, TVs and short videos. Few sounds montage, short videos and motion graphics have been made by myself for school and another studio. You can see some of them through the attached show reel link. Now I’m also working on a documentary about Chinese students studying VCE program and their experience of living in Australia. In that program I have worked with StudySuccess© studio as camera operator, producer and likely to be the editor as well in latter this year. There are more details about my personal experience as media worker in my CV.


Film, TV and video production are always attractive for me. Now I wish to develop my professional skills and gain real experience from the industry. It will be a great honor for me to work with those skilled and passionate people.


Please contact me anytime if you have any questions or require an interview.


Thanks for your time and consideration


Yours sincerely,


Xiaochen Zhang

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