reading log week 6

The reading of this week basically introduces the five minds, which are: Disciplined Mind, Creative Mind, Respectful Mind, Ethical Mind and Synthesizing Mind. These are, according to the author, very helpful and essential minds that we should have in order to improve our working efficiency especially in the future.

Synthesizing Mind is considered important in 21st century, as the ability to “survey a wide range of sources; decide what is important and worth paying attention to; and then put this information together in ways that make sense to oneself and, ultimately, to other persons as well” (pp.13). Respectful minds basically means welcome different and diverse ideas and show respect and trust to other people. The ethical mind requires people act strictly according to their ethical values and even when “such behaviors clash with self-interest” (pp.21) which seems quiet hard to do. The other two, Disciplined Mind and  Creative Mind, are usually easily understandable according to their literature meanings.  It is equally important to have discipline and at the same time not forget about creativity.

These minds are usually seen in our working places. For media industry, creative, respectful and ethical are more obvious due to its nature. To be creative on works, to be respectful for others and most importantly, if you are a journalist or writer or even filmmaker who have the power and bigger voice to speak to the public, to be ethical.

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