reading log 5

Judy Wajcman, 2015, ‘Finding Time in a Digital Age’ in Pressed for Time: The Acceleration of Life in Digital Capitalism, ch.7.

This chapter introduces the concept of saving time in digital age. The author tries to explain the idea of how to effectively manage limited time from daily works and make them more flexible for people. She also emphasizes the machines takes up most of our time should have been, however, liberating more time for us through the improvement of productivity. Therefore, finding time in digital age can also be considered how to deal the machines which we have to face every day effectively.
There are lots of things we can learn in terms of managing time effectively. Media works usually require people to have certain level of flexibility of working time because of the nature of this industry. It can be a very busy month of shooting and editing, and then after it you are suddenly released from the heavy works. The irregular timetable requires us to have the ability mentioned in the chapter, which will be eventually useful when our careers reach a certain level.

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