PART C Self-assessment of your participation and contribution to your own seminar



Self-assessment of your participation and contribution to your own seminar


• Contribution and collaboration : describe what you did throughout the process of organising, delivering and publishing your seminar event. Describe your collaborative process and identify the strategies you used to solve any issues or problems that arose in the process.

If there is any other people can make a decision, I will not take that responsibility. I would like to do some actual work rather than organizing all of them in a group work. So I think I didn’t make quite contribution for organizing. But I did all work I can do on the day of seminar. I did not only cover the technical things, but also tried to find all things I can help.


• Proactive Learning : describe the extent to which you took responsibility for your own learning throughout the process of arranging and delivering the seminar series. Did you actively seek to improve your skills by extending beyond what was presented in class and what you already knew?

Organizing a seminar is a quite complex thing. I can not say I totally understand the process of that when I have only done one time. But I learned quite much about it.


• Participation : describe the extent of your participation in the seminar. Did you attend all, most or just a few classes & group meetings, the event and post-production sessions? Did you seek to engage with and contribute to class or group discussions? If not what do you think hindered this for you?

Honestly, I only attend half of the meeting. Laziness is a problem. But the most important reason is I was super busy because this is my last semester of this course. I have to prepare everything for the future. My parents are not in Australia, my friends they are all struggling for their own careers.None of them could give me a hand. I need to do everything by myself. I can not do few thing at same time. I was very sorry for my group mate. And I have to say thanks to them all.


• Connections & intersections : what do you see as the value of the seminar series? Overall what have you discovered about your learning, your group interactions and your networking abilities in relation to this series? How do you see what you have learnt about yourself via the process (and via the content) fitting into your future career development and future work?

It quite improve my skill for group work.


Seminar Critique: Part B – Blog 3 WANTED: ON THE LINE (Digital Media)

Seminar Critique: Part B – Blog 3 WANTED: ON THE LINE (Digital Media)

I graded this group high Distinction.

This seminar called On the Line. It is about digital media industry. It took place on the Friday of week 10.

This is the last seminar of this semester. The last program is always best. I expected it could be a great seminar. I would like to say it is.

Their theme is the Matrix. What a relevant theme it is! Their promotion poster and guests introduction are both made as the Matrix style.

It is nice and clear. Every people could understand they are going to do the topic about digital media.

I think it ia a good strategy. They take advantage of other’s power, “the Matrix” film. The Matrix is a well known film.

They will drag all people who knows that film as their audiences.

The theater where the seminar take place was set as a sence of the Matrix.

Those are all advantage of their setting and pre-seminar promotion.

The content and guests are both intereting too.

Digital media industry is growing up super quickly present. So I think most of us are interested in it.

The guests gave lot tips for interning too.

So good staging, good guests, good contents, interesting topic.

Is there any reason make me grade them a low distinction?

I would like to grade them as HD.

By the way, their pizza is taste good.  I think they are almost as good as our seminar. :p

Seminar Critique: Part B – Blog 2 WANTED: REEL CRIMES (Film)

Seminar Critique: Part B – Blog 1 WANTED: REEL CRIMES (Film)


NADIA TASS – Producer/Director at Cascade Films

TREVOR BLAINEY – Producer at Retroactive Films

VERONICA GLEESON – Senior Development Executive at Screen Australia

I graded this group high Distinction.

This seminar called Reel Crimes. It is about Flim industry. It took place the Friday of week 8.

Honestly, I have to say I can not really remember the details of this seminar. I lost my notes for this seminar.

But  there is one thing very very impressive for me.

I think Nadia Tass answered a question about how does she choose a producer partner as a director.

She said she would give out her script for three or four persons who want to join her crew as a producer.

Then she will give them around one week to let them read her script and make a plan for it.

After that she will have a meeting with all of them who want to be a producer in her crew.

She asks them about every single plan. And chose the person who is the most corresponded with her opinions.

I think it is a good way to find a partner. I did  make some production in Diploma of screen and media.

I did not know that way to choosing  crew members. If I know it, I think I can make much better production.

The relationship between people is very important in a group work, obviously.

Even people who are interested in same area, they will have different working style.

Then choosing a partner who have a similar working style is a good way to create a better working environment.

It is not worthy for establish a film crew, but also helpful for every group work.

So I think this is the best gains for me in this seminar.


I will grade this group HD.


Seminar Critique: Part B – Blog 1 WANTED: BREAKING IN (TV)

Seminar Critique: Part B – Blog  1 WANTED: BREAKING IN (TV)

I graded this group high Distinction.

This seminar called Breaking In. It is about TV industry. It took place the Friday of week 6.

 They host their seminar as the second group.

Firstly, the four guests are good and suitable for the topic.

 They work in different areas of TV industry. One of them even graduated from RMIT.

This group organized their seminar as a talk show. It is quite interesting.

The questions are all tightly related with the theme. Guest’s answers are down to earth.

Those could be quite helpful for people who want to work in TV industry.

Secondly, their group tried to relate the whole seminar with “Breaking bad”.

 Crew dress up as a police officer (I’m interested whether they need to ask a permission of Victoria Police).

They even made and packed the candy like crystal meth. It is interesting and tied with their theme tightly.

 The promotion before their seminar take place is good as well.

The promotion video and promotion poster are impressive and relevant with their seminar.

Particularly, their promotion video is made well.

The most important part of a seminar is the content. As I said above the guests are all down to earth.

They shared many their experiences and give many tips so that we can start our career

as a student just graduated from university.

It include how to make a great CV, how to get into networking sessions and how find a chance to get a better internship.

 Those are very worthy for every student who is going to graduate from university.

At the end, I would like to say they did a good job. So I grade them as High distinction.