Here is our day!


So we met up in afternoon to allocate people to grab the cameras from Tech Office and some to RMITV for the props. It is happening. We started to set up the Lecture Theatre into our Star War themed seminar room. My role that day is to act like a cinema usher, handing out and collecting our assessment sheet and a quiz sheet. The attendance turned out a little bit lower than we expected, but I felt really proud of what we have done so far. I guess we all were more focused on the performance of the seminar instead of the content during the seminar. We were worried about the flow of things. But our guests are just so fascinating. Everyone seems kind of forgot the little quiz Jackie prepared for people to get a small prize during the intermission. I quickly ran to our group and reminded everyone about it. Jim immediately asked the questions to grab attentions; I guess people were just so excited for our popcorn so not many of them have actually engaged with the quiz. We were all very happy of what we have done for the seminar and its result.

I learnt more than organising a seminar but to collaborate with each other to get something done. It is a valuable experience. Now I will need to get the highlight reel done …

Our seminar is getting there

It is getting near to the day for our seminar. It is a bit nervous for everyone since we are still waiting for our second guests to get back to us and our first guest is no longer available to our seminar. Somehow it gets me start thinking that networking and connections are really important in this industry especially when you need to ask someone for a favour. We immediately voted for other options James can contact. And we have to wait…..

Other groupmates have already started on making poster and promo videos. I have also started to source for our props. I got RMITV’s contact from Steering Committee. I have dealt with it for almost a week in order to successfully make bookings for some chairs and tables for our seminar. It was not an easy task as I thought I just had to send out emails. I have visited the studio and the office to speak to the person in charge and have a look at props that are available to borrow.

Natalie suggested us to create things like movie tickets to promote our seminar which could be ripped off from our poster . The tickets can be presented at the door of the seminar to receive snacks from the candy bar. Isn’t that an excellent idea? I just thought the Golden Ticket in the Wonka chocolate bar in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I volunteered to design the ticket because I have already got heaps of idea on it. However, our group somehow has just left the idea due to the progress of the poster design.


We have our meetings every Friday in class time after others’ seminars. So far we have allocated people into different roles. I was hoping to work on the poster design but since this super cool role has been taken. I offered to help with the staging and decoration. We hope to decorate the room like a movie theatre and have us as ushers dressing black and holding torch. We have also thought of making popcorns and setting up a candy bar. I have looked up online for different kinds of snacks, their packaging and designs for a candy bar in Star Wars theme to prepare to see how we can set things up within our ability and the budget. Also, from what I saw in last seminar, I thought it would be better if candy bar is set up on the right of the stage, just as people notice that when walk into the lecture theatre.







I have also come up with two different ideas for staging: one with couches and the other with panel table. I just feel like the panel table idea is kind of cool and more film like … I have not had time to pitch my ideas yet since we are all focusing on our guests’ response and ideas for promo video at the moment 🙂

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We have also set up a timeline to get things done on time. James, our group leader will start send emails to guests we have decided on. They are Adam Arkapaw and Anna McLeish. Caley has tried to contact the daughter of a mystery guest (Ge…Rushhh <3) but hasn’t got back from her.


So I thought we still had a long time to prepare for our seminar which is on Week 9… Here we had our very first meeting yesterday and I realised it wasn’t an easy thing to do.

Our seminar topic is film and we need to come up of three guests who can provide us insights into the film industry. I was blanked at the moment when all my groupmates were contributing some names for everyone to look up. I had experiences of organising in events back in Hong Kong. But here in Melbourne, I really had no connections or not even an idea where to look for people’s contacts. Honestly speaking, I haven’t heard of most of the name my group suggested so that day I spent whole night reading through all those potential guests’ biography and filmography.

It was the day I learnt so much on websites such as Screen Australia, Film Melbourne Directory and Australia Screen Editors. While I was still searching through different people online, James suggested using our title on Star War. I think the idea of Star War just perfectly worked with the Epic Journey theme. I just quickly thought of things like “The Force Awaits”, or “A New Beginning”, or “Untold Clone War Panel”. We all agreed on James’ idea and so we will stick on the Star War theme for promo video, posters, staging and catering options.

That is how we get started ——-