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So I thought we still had a long time to prepare for our seminar which is on Week 9… Here we had our very first meeting yesterday and I realised it wasn’t an easy thing to do.

Our seminar topic is film and we need to come up of three guests who can provide us insights into the film industry. I was blanked at the moment when all my groupmates were contributing some names for everyone to look up. I had experiences of organising in events back in Hong Kong. But here in Melbourne, I really had no connections or not even an idea where to look for people’s contacts. Honestly speaking, I haven’t heard of most of the name my group suggested so that day I spent whole night reading through all those potential guests’ biography and filmography.

It was the day I learnt so much on websites such as Screen Australia, Film Melbourne Directory and Australia Screen Editors. While I was still searching through different people online, James suggested using our title on Star War. I think the idea of Star War just perfectly worked with the Epic Journey theme. I just quickly thought of things like “The Force Awaits”, or “A New Beginning”, or “Untold Clone War Panel”. We all agreed on James’ idea and so we will stick on the Star War theme for promo video, posters, staging and catering options.

That is how we get started ——-




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