in ROom WiTh a VieW

Our Second show on RWAV, Triple R

Me & Tim Bella & Nora


I did once on air on SYN FM when I was at Foundation. That was pretty awful when I listened back to it. I am always nervous when talking in front of people and this time in front of a mic I got pressure to give instantaneous response and I mumble a lot whenever I am worried. I practised the script and read the runsheet over and over again before the show. Having a script made me feel secured but I began to worry that I would sound like reading from script (as Elizabeth mentioned about the last show). Me and Tim didn’t really get to run through the whole thing once before the actual show because our interviewees weren’t settled down until two days before the show. The whole thing was nerve cracking until the day I sat in the studio and put on the headphones. It was really fun and interesting to be a presenter. Thanks for Tim’s lead and Bella’s encouragement. Tim sounds very fluent and natural on air. I wasn’t doing really well to engage with the interviewee during the interviews and that was the thing I need to improve. We listened to Elizabeth’s advices on sharing questions between both presenters in the interview. When I listened back the show, I feel like the interaction is really stronger when both presenters are participating and sharing ideas rather than just one presenter was only responsible for one’s interview. Besides, it was all out first time to conduct a phone interview and luckily it didn’t go wrong. For me, I felt more comfortable doing a phone interview instead of a live one in studio.  As Josie said, I was able to gesture more expressively and I put more attention on the interviewee’s responses since there was only his voice I can focus on. I guess the show ran smooth and everything sticked to our runsheet.


I really enjoy working with Tim, Bella and Nora. They are all very helpful and I learnt a lot from them. Guys I am looking forward to our third show 🙂

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