Life Feature: Gardiner Sisters

I have always been a fan of music that gives the chills and goosebumps! The ones that grabs my attention are the harmonies and those belters. I came across a group of girls who gave me chills when they did their own rendition of ‘Only Hope’ by Switchfoot / Mandy Moore for the film A Walk To Remember. Those girls are…. (DRUM ROLL PLEASE)


Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 1.48.00 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 4.50.09 PM

Gardiner sisters are sisters(obviously…), Hailey, Allie and Mandi Gardiner. They are the main people in this channel but they have special appearances with their younger sisters Lindsay and Abby. They are very down to earth people and their quirky, entertaining personality keeps me laughing throughout the whole video. They have a separate channel to upload their vlogs – video logs.

People always wonder if artists have a terrible personality and they are just faking it in front of camera. The interesting thing about independent artists are they do not have such restrictions on their image so you can usually find them doing silly things as the camera keeps rolling. They would even do bloopers videos for us to see. Independent artists rely on these videos to connect them with their fans and give something back to them.

I tend to appreciate more of the independent artists because of the originality and they are quite easy to connect. I would say that the local artists are like super heroes and we should help support the arts. They are more normal and they make us feel like they are just like one of us whereas the celebrities make us feel like they are a whole world apart from us. Something to ponder about – are people in front of the camera the same as they say they are?

Life Feature: Once Upon A Time







Life feature segments shall be the start of what I have been doing the couple of weeks. Recently I have been addicted to this series called Once Upon A Time. I initially thought it was just a fairy tale story with all the princesses and happy endings so I did not bother watching the series. However, I watched the first episode and I was drawn to it. They brought story book fairy tales into our modern world, making the characters cross dimensions. I was so impressed by the concept and I definitely had to give credits to the two people who created this series, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. The characters were smoothly interlinked and they definitely gave more suspense to the stories. Just a heads up, whatever you knew or thought you knew of fairy tales, will not be the same as this series! The drama and suspense keeps me watching episode after episode and before you know it, 4 hours have passed! I literally binged on this series and there are four seasons currently.


What I enjoyed from the series is that even the bad can be good and the good can turn bad as well. The famous quote from the series was ‘a villain is just another person whose story has not been told’. I gave that some thought and I realised it was true because villains normally seek vengeance and feels nothing more than hatred. In order to feel that way, there must be a story behind the negative feelings they felt. Watching this show definitely showed me that in life, we do not know what the future brings but the only positive way is to hope and never give up. The series definitely have its moral values just like they do in fairy tale books. Although, this series does have dark and rated concepts as compared to the fairy tales we normally watch. I found it quite hilarious when they mentioned to their Mulan back in the Enchanted Forest that they watched a movie of her in the real world. Keeping the reality of our world and meshing it with storybook characters was an interesting concept. I definitely cannot wait for the next season.





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