WEEK 4 – Mindset vs. Passion

After reading this week’s reading, I had a clearer understanding in approaching my future. I have had these ongoing battle in my head on my passion for making films as well as the insecurities I constantly face every time I had a new hurdle to jump over. The readings inked my worries clearly, literally. In my opinion, I am leaning towards the mindset approach as I feel that it deeply resonates within me.

Be so good they can’t ignore you.

– Steve Martin

While I know everyone is going to use this quote for their reflections, I cannot stress how much this quote triggered my insecurities. I have never been talented in anything, not even my passion for filmmaking could make me excel in anything. I was mediocre. Being in the media industry, the multi-talented wins, the one with connections wins and the ones who have maybe one or two skills would have a higher percentage than those who don’t. The tiniest problems you face when attempting a project should not prevent you from moving forward. Instead, the problem should be resolved or learn from that mistake and move on. Like in the readings, Jordan Tice practiced his guitar licks countless times and he knew he hasn’t gotten to the standard he wanted yet but he is still trying to reach it.

But here is why I disagree with the Passion mindset. To a certain extent, if you do not have the passion for the work you do, you would not be happy with what you’re doing BUT that is not a reason to think that the world works for you. I have to agree with Newport that this type of mindset is undoubtedly a two edge sword because while your passion may take you far with the things you like to do, it can also make you extremely aware of the things you don’t like.

I’ve learnt a great deal from my employer, he was a business consultant, a motivator and most of all he was the most humble person I’ve ever met. He gave me a piece of advice and during his lectures for helping university students prepare themselves to get into the work industry. He said to always stay humble, go into the interview with confidence in yourself and always remember that it is what you can offer to the company and NOT what the company can offer you. It was very insightful when the readings resonated and triggered memories of what the people around me told me. It tells that it is proven and it is a worthy advice to follow.

After this reading, I feel like it doesn’t matter if I can’t be multitalented, I just need to work on one skill and be good at it. Also, to never stop practicing and honing the skill despite any setbacks thrown at my way.

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